Secrets of the Guaranteed A or B!

All of my study skills secrets are here in one ebook: Conquer Your Classes (Extended Version). With four assessments in all, my study skills advice has helped thousands achieve the grades they want and deserve: Study Skills Assessment (SSA), Nutritional Fitness Assessment (NFA), Learning Styles Assessment (LSA), and Home Environment Assessment (HEA). Combined with quality tutoring, there is an 85-95% chance you will get at least a B grade.

Originally called "The Grade Saver", I changed the name because I didn't want you to think that I was "saving" you. I want you to understand you are saving yourself! You are the soldier of your own good fortune. You are the conqueror of your grades; we are your guide down the right trail.

You, and only you, can save yourself from poor grades. Using my techniques as a guide, you can conquer all of your classes. Straight-A grades are achievable by just about everyone. Yes, you too!

  • SSA: Complete study skills overhaul, from taking better notes, overcoming test anxiety, weekly schedules, to schmoozing your professors!
  • NFA: Nutrition and fitness advice, from eating right on a test day to incorporating exercise into the studying environment.
  • LSA: Learn how you learn, 6 types of learners. Find out which are you and customize your studying.
  • HEA: Learn how to set up your home or room for an ideal studying environment, or how to pick the right spot in the library!

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