Guaranteed Packages?

We deliver quality tutors, customer service, and results. Whats more, we offer a guarantee like no other service. Is guaranteeing grades risky? Yes and no. We take the risk of having to provide you free services next term. And no, because we have been so successful in getting students the grade, it's highly likely you will succeed. If you buy a guaranteed package and don't make the grade, you get a free quarter or semester on us, for the same or any class we cover. With a name like "Badass" we have to be good. In fact, we guarantee it! You get more value for the same money you could spend elsewhere with standard, boring-named services.

We don't just guarantee "satisfaction", we insure the actual grade. All we require of you is to attend your tutoring sessions regularly, follow our study skills advice, and not skip any tests. Do that and there's no way you get anything less than a "B".