Our students love us

Brenda, SLO High Parent

"The tutoring went great. We used Diego for statistics, very organized and lots of helpful hints, and then we saw Nina for English and again lots of good direction and helped with focus. We would use both of them again but we don't need any more hours at the moment. So glad that we made the connection."

Derek, Cal Poly Student

"It is not easy to find a tutor for my classes. Most of them are 300 level. My tutor was great for my engineering classes. Statics. Thanks for matching with a tutor fast."

Michelle, Cal Poly Student

"I didn't think I could find a tutor who fit my schedule and style of learning. I need a tutor who is really patient because I have difficulty with staying focused. I get frustrated easily.I had to try a couple tutors until I found a good fit. My tutor really took the time to figure out where I was going wrong. I appreciate it. Thank you."

Wally, Cal Poly Student

"I was struggling with managing time between work, school, and a social life. I am the president in one of my clubs. I learned a lot from time-management advice. Speed quizzes are a great idea, big help. Working weekly with a tutor saved me a lot of time."

Kate and Richard, Cuesta Parents

"Tutoring didn't seem to us an affordable option. I liked that Badass Tutors had a guarantee on their package deals. They took the time to make a good match for our daughter. We still use their tutors but the study skills advice is a good compliment to their knowledgeable tutors."

Donna, SLO High Parent

"Our main concern was whether tutoring would help. Our son has ADHD and can't sit still very long. Andre was very helpful as well as was the study skills program. We tried a small plan and upgraded to the guarantee later. We haven't needed another tutor since. Thank you."